Castle Creek EP

by Scott Malmberg

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Each of these five songs were written in a different time, in different circumstances, and for different reasons over this past year. Some songs, like the title track, are entirely truthful stories from my life, while others push a basic experience I've had to its extreme.

Special thanks to:

Alex Ownejazayeri for being there when most of these songs were born and telling me I'm great (or not).

Brighton Forsgren for helping me write "For A Future Love" and for putting her angelic voice on the EP.

Randy Jones for making this EP sound incredible and making sure things look nice because I don't know what I'm doing with design stuff.

Carter Beavers, Ben Miner, Randy Jones, my parents, and rest of the original Castle Creek friends for inspiring the title track and, more importantly, for filling my childhood with great memories.


released July 24, 2016

Scott Malmberg - Guitar, Vocals, 1-5
Brighton Forsgren - Vocals, 3
Alex Ownejazayeri - Guitar, 3
Randy Jones - The computer stuff



all rights reserved


Scott Malmberg Orem, Utah

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Track Name: One Of The Same
My faults are not yours
But I wish that they were
I struggle to find middle ground

I know how this ends
But still I pretend
That somehow it might work itself out

Can you see
Straight through to me?
Or am I blocked by disguise?

I'd give you my heart
But will you depart
If you find I'm not one of the same?

The feeling is there
It has to be shared
We talk with our hearts in our mouths

Tell me the truth
We're still in our youth
I want you to grow old with me

Can you see
Straight through to me?
Or am I blocked by disguise?

I'd give you my heart
But will you depart
If you find I'm not one of the same?

For both of our sakes
Just give me a break
I tried not to take it this far

But love's just a word
Well, that's what I heard
Until your speech changed my view

Can you see
Straight through to me?
Or am I blocked by disguise?

I'd give you my heart
But will you depart
If you find I'm not one of the same?
Track Name: Unsaid
I heard you were leaving
So I didn’t let you know
That the things that I believed in
I started to let them go

So I’m stuck in a corner
And I can’t shut my mouth
You’re right on the border
Of finding me out
You’re finding me out

Now I’m under fire
I didn’t think this through
You call me a liar
But what does that make you?

I yelled that I loved you
At least in my head
I’m sure if I told you
You’d leave it unsaid
You left it unsaid

Take me back to the beginning
When you weren’t just a dream
Track Name: For A Future Love
I promised I would settle down my heart for you
But some things aren't meant to be
Though I came to you with all my faults in hand
I never planned to leave

When I said I’d love you
I didn’t make it up
I just thought it wouldn’t be this hard

Yeah, I told you things that I may not mean right now
But I promise that I’ll see them through
And when I think about my life I see you there
You’re what my words will never live up to

When I said I’d love you
I didn’t make it up
I just forgot how much I hate this fear

Although, I was never one for arguments
It made me show how much I care
Sure, things aren’t how I had pictured them
But what good is it to just compare?

When I said I’d love you
I didn’t make it up
I just want you to know that I’m here
Track Name: A Song About Uncertainty
Give me a minute to catch my breath
I've been running my mouth off of a cliff
And why does it feel like you and I
Can open our hearts if we close our minds?

I've been here before
But I still can't decide
If I follow through today
Will I run out of time?

I could turn and walk away
Who would tell me what I missed?
But maybe all my other failures
Have just led up to this

When I close my eyes to blink
Does the whole world just disappear?

Yeah I admit I don't know much
I have questions about some things and other stuff
But who really cares? We just look the part
Keep trying to fix ourselves so we don't fall apart

Something pulls me back
That I can't quite comprehend
If I promise something more
What kind of message will that send?

I imagined life
As flowing water over rocks
No collisions only detours
Timed by the ticking of a clock

So does it matter what I think
Or does it matter what I say?
Track Name: Castle Creek
I don’t remember the day I grew up,
But I will not forget how it felt
It felt like a bone was taken out of my back as I struggled through this change I'd been dealt

But looking back often I see my old friends
With their bats and their mitts and their gloves
Sooner or later they'd all move away
But the thing that remains is the love

All the balls through the windows and our mothers' loud shrieks,
I will always remember that street

I think of the nights spent out under that light
As we talk about how life will be
With dreams of a mansion and four car garage
We had goals, we had hopes, we were free

As we hid in the bushes too scared to be seen
We thought that we would never have to go
But just like the grass mowed six feet from our face
We just had to be cut to regrow

With the man in the garage that was never asleep
I will always remember that street

From the first time I climbed up that mountain of stairs
To the day that I tearfully left
There are things that I leave here and pass on today
Oh, my childhood belongs to you next

Though the castle may tumble to the smallest of creeks
I will always remember that street
I will always remember that street